We provide you with tools to increase the effectiveness of your rehabilitation, so you can recover quickly from injuries. We show trauma prevention for any kind of work and sport so the injury does not return, and we provide therapists with a knowledge center which includes online discussions.

Welcome to Denmark’s most comprehensive video training site, developed by Denmark’s only doctor of osteopathy and one of Denmark’s many talented elite coaches who has experience from training professionals in a multitude of sports. We offer you as a guest a lot of free knowledge for injuries while offering our users more than 1200 videos about rehabilitation, sports specific preventive training, lectures on training and injury therapy, as well as theory and examination protocol for all injuries.

Rehab is the way out of injury.

Training and Rehab prevents damage.

Video examples:

Strengthen your team, your club


school with a team subscription.

Everyone on the team gets unrestricted access, so everyone in the football club, handball club, boarding school or Team Denmark gymnasium has video-based rehabilitation and prevention training when injury occurs.

Being new to training and having the desire to get some simple tools for strength training and running, a subscription for Training and Rehab is a great inspiration and help.

Britt M Jespersen, Training and Rehab
As a therapist, I enjoy Training and Rehab, as it is easy and quick to find examination protocol or treatment techniques, in case I am in doubt. And with my patients, I can go through the training exercises.
Karina Rasmussen, PRO Terapi

I practice triathlon because it gives me so much physically and mentally and thusly makes me better at my job. Therefore, I also need input and Training and Rehab has for sure kept me free from injury.

Morten Bohl , Training and Rehab


  • Over 600 videos
  • HD quality
  • Rehabilitation
  • Training exercises

Training and Rehab

  • Over 600 videos
  • HD quality
  • Training exercises
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sports and training
  • Lectures