Welcome to our rehabilitation library which includes rehabilitation for injuries and preventative programs. Read and watch videos about injuries, understand the symptoms and see what treatment techniques can be used to get better quickly after an injury. More importantly, get the proper rehabilitation protocol through the video program. A rehabilitation based on the injury, that also takes into consideration the possible causes of injury. In this way, you get the complete rehabilitation of any injury.

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General information about rehabilitation and injuries:

Before starting a rehabilitation program, you should ensure that your injury is properly assessed. And that you do not start rehabilitation with fractures, diseases, or other causes still present.

Watch this video to get a little understanding of how this injury can occur, and cause pain globally in the body! – A relationship we are aware of in our approach to rehabilitation. RecoverGym’s experts on treatment and training are also available to help you with questions. Contact Recover Gym’s expert.

Treatment and rehabilitation phases of injury:

0-48 hours

The acute phase

The acute phase is the first 0-48 hours. If this phase is completed correctly, especially from the second the damage occurs, then the period may be halved at best. But did you know that the use of ice does not always benefit the healing process and therefore should not be used for all acute injuries?

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2-100 days

The sub-acute phase

At this stage it is crucial that the injury is treated and rehabilitated properly, as it may otherwise develop into a chronic condition. This happens when the body begins to adapt to a defective pattern. Without proper focus on rehabilitation and correct treatment, the body will compensate for the injury. In the worst case, the damage may be chronic with changes in the tissue (tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc.).

> 100 days

The chronic phase

If you are involuntarily or not ending with a chronic injury, your focus should be the same as in the sub-acute phase. However, you should be aware that rehabilitation and possible treatment may take longer as the tissue (tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc.) around the injury and other parts of the body have changed.

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