General Terms and Conditions for Purchase and Use of Recover Gym applicable per. 1 December 2017.

Agreement initiates: When you purchase access to Recover Gym, you agree with Training and Rehab ApS CVR number. 38782509, Lucernevej 150, 2610 Rødovre, tel. 40913098, e-mail:

The subscription at Recover Gym is structured so that it is automatically renewed until you choose to terminate it (see termination conditions below). When you subscribe, you enter into a payment agreement with Recover Gym, accepting that Recover Gym continuously withdraws an amount corresponding to the price of the selected subscription. From the account or credit or debit card you used for the original subscription. For practical reasons, a monthly subscription is set to 30 days. A Rehab subscription gives access to the training page and the rehabilitation pages and only those pages. Recover Gym subscription gives access to the training page, the rehabilitation page, the sports and the training page, as well as the lecture page. While a PRO Therapy subscription gives full access to the page.

Technical recommendations: To use Recover Gym you must at least have an internet connection. Recover Gym is a responsive design and can be seen on all platforms, mobile as well as PC. All videos are in HD quality. Recover Gym can’t be held liable for any errors, on your network, or anything else that would mean that the website can’t be used.

Other programs on the computer can affect the playback experience, either if the programs are CPU-demanding or affecting the Internet connection, including antivirus programs, Network Proxies and debug programs, games, and media editing programs, etc.

Payment: You must pay for access to Recover Gym throughout the contract period, and the money will be deducted for the first time for your subscription. Payment is made by credit card. For the additional security measures when using this payment solution, please visit: Current promotional offers and promotional codes are reserved for new customers, meaning that you can’t use such offers if you are already a customer.

Right of withdrawal: Your subscription to Recover Gym is subject to a statutory right of withdrawal of 14 days. The right of cancellation is counted from the conclusion of the agreement, that is, by placing an order on the Recover Gym website, cancellation expires 14 days afterwards. If you have placed your order on Monday the 1st, you have a deadline through the 15th. If the deadline expires on a public holiday, a Saturday, Christmas eve or New Year’s Eve, you can wait until the following day. The right of cancellation is met if you submit your cancellation notice before the cancellation deadline expires.

However, you can only use your right of withdrawal if you have not yet begun to use your subscription – i.e. prior to starting the first video or opening a content page – by signing in the subscription waives withdrawal. With your order of a subscription, you explicitly consent to and acknowledge that the cancellation right lapses when the subscription is used.

To use your right of withdrawal, before submitting your subscription and before the expiry of the 14-day deadline, you must report this to Training and Rehab ApS, Lucernevej 150, 2610 Rødovre, or

You can use the following default form if you undo it, but it is not mandatory. You must fill in the fields with * mark:

Default Form For YourPerformance: I hereby declare that I wish to make the cancellation right applicable in connection with my purchase agreement (*) Ordered (*) Consumer Name (*) Consumer Address (*) Consumer Signature (*) (Only If Form Content Notified on paper) Date (*)

YourPerformance will refund all payments received from you without undue delay and in any event within 14 days from the date of receipt of your cancellation notice.

Obligations of the parties Recover Gym is obliged to provide the subscription’s services as long as the subscription agreement is intact. Your subscription is linked to your username and is personal to you and may only be used by people within the same household. You may not publicly distribute the content of Recover Gym and you may not copy or distribute Content from Recover Gym. If Recover Gym finds or suspects that you copy Content from Recover Gym or share user access with persons outside your household, Recover Gym may without notice terminate your access to use Recover Gym, just as Recover Gym reserves the to initiate prosecution of the infringement. Do not bypass the safety measures that are set in relation to the use of Recover Gym in the Kingdom of Denmark and abroad. This will be considered illegal use of Recover Gym.

Recover Gym strives to have sufficient capacity so that all subscribers can always access Recover Gym and Recover Gym will strive for Recover Gym to be available at all times. Recover Gym makes use of vimeo for playback of videos, and users who are prevented from being able to see the desired video (s) due to a breakdown or other at vimeo are not entitled to cancellation or refund of the subscription. Recover Gym is not responsible for any losses that may arise due to technical errors, problems with connection to the Internet, processing of data related to payment or loss incurred otherwise.

Responsibility Recover Gym cannot be held responsible in connection with the use of the website’s products. Neither Wrong or Correct Use of Products, which, for example, leads to injury, illness or lack of exercise, may be a responsibility for Recover Gym. As it is the responsibility of users to take responsibility for their own use.

Change of content, terms and prices Recover Gym may change the content of Recover Gym at any time. In case of minor adjustments that do not affect the current content, they will not be notified. While in case of significant changes, you will receive an individual alert of at least 30 days at the email address you provided, and the agreement can be terminated with 14 days’ notice with effect from the entry into the period of change. However, changes that can be made without prior notice may not justify such termination.

Recover Gym can change subscription prices on a regular basis due to increased content. At price increases you will receive an individual alert of at least 30 days at the email address you provided, and the agreement can be terminated with 14 days’ notice with effect from the entry into initiation of the change. Recover Gym may change and adjust the General Terms and Conditions for Recover Gym. In the event of changes, you will receive an individual alert of at least 30 days at the email address you provided and the agreement can be terminated with 14 days’ notice with effect from the entry into force of the change. Changes that can be made without prior notice may not justify such termination.

Cancellation The subscription is without notice of cancellation. The subscription is continuous, which means that payment is due one month at a time, and cancellation of the subscription will expire until the date of the next original charge. The subscription can be terminated through If you have exceeded the payment period by more than 30 days or otherwise have defaulted subscription agreement, Recover Gym is entitled to cancel the subscription agreement immediately and claim compensation for the loss (with interest and costs) that Recover Gym has suffered.

Personal data Your data in the form of name, address, telephone, and e-mail that you provide when subscribing is primarily used for billing for your subscription and to associate you to your user account. Secondarily, your email will be associated with newsletters via MailChimp, read more under newsletter. Additionally, your email and payment information will be passed to the stripe when you sign a subscription that is our payment partner, you can see more under consideration for security, etc. at the stripe. In your subscription, you agree that we may use your personal data for the above purpose for as long as you have a subscription with us and that after subscription, we still have your user account written down, so you may be able to re-enable a subscription and that we still can send you a newsletter until you unsubscribe this via. a newsletter.

  • You have the right to request insight, rectification, or deletion of your personal information.
  • If the processing of your personal information is based on your consent, you have the right to revoke your consent at any time. Your revocation will not affect the legality of the processing done before your withdrawal of your consent.
  • In cases where there is a legal basis or consent to marketing, we will communicate as relevant as possible based on your interests or behaviors. You are entitled to oppose the processing of your personal information for targeted marketing.
  • You have the right to receive the personal information you have provided in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.

You should also read our Privacy policy

Privacy and Cookie Policy. Recover Gym makes use of cookies on the website, primarily web analytics cookies to optimize the experience on the websites.

You should also read our Privacy policy

Newsletters and emails. As a customer you receive Automatic Recover Gym newsletters on your registered email address. You can unsubscribe at any time under “Unsubscribe messages/Unsubscribe newsletter” in one of the emails we send to you. In addition to newsletters, we will use your email address to send emails with updates, changes, offers and competitions, etc. regarding Recover Gym.

You should also read our Privacy policy.

Right to reclamation Registration with Recover Gym includes right of claim under current purchase law. Complaints must be sent to within the current time period.

Disputes Disputes are settled by Danish courts and under Danish law.

Contact information Questions regarding the subscription can be directed to