Welcome to the site which builds on a concept of uniting sports, training, development, education and treatment, all in one. We have through recent years as a personal trainer, elite trainer, teacher and therapist build up knowledge of body and training, which we on this site, wish to share with you as a user.

We have a pragmatic viewpoint on the theories of present day training and therapy, and we’re not affected by fashion or trends. That is exactly why we have developed a concept, to take you all the way to the finish line.

Anders Q Steensen

Owner of YourPerformance, as well as teacher, therapist and elite trainer since the year 2000.

  • Master Coach in elite training by Trainer Academy under Team Denmark and The Danish Sports association
  • Medical Examiner Columna therapist (Back therapist) by Lasota therapi Academy
  • Medical Examiner in Sports injuries therapist at Lasota terapi Akademi
  • Functional Movement Screen level 1 og 2. – by Functional Movement USA
  • Numerous educations and courses within training and treatment

Jan Lasota

Owner of Lasota Terapi Akademi & Clinic Lasota since 1995, as well as eager lecturer.

  • Trained sports physiologist from Southern Denmark and Copenhagen University
  • Osteopath from Michigan State University, og international Academy Osteopathy
  • Doctor in Osteopathy from National university of medicine and science Toronto
  • Acupuncturist and TCM at Logos
  • Numerous Manuel and Sports medical courses from Universities from UK, Norway, Germany & USA.