The femur – which is the body’s longest bone, and makes up about 20% of the body’s length – is covered by muscles all the way around. That also means you mostly see muscle injuries in the thigh.

Most frequently where the muscle gets crushed in contact sports.

Find your injury in the list below:

Groin strain

  • The tenderness of the adductor muscle group (adductor brevis, magnus, longus) will often be localized as soreness in the groin and may be difficult to distinguish from other types of groin pain.
  • Pain while using or stretching the muscles.

Hamstring muscle injury

  • Soreness at the back of the thigh i.e. hamstring (m. Semitendinosus, m. Semimembranosus and m. Biceps femoris).
  • Pain during use or stretch of the muscles.

Runner’s back / double-sided iliopsoas syndrome

  • Runner’s back: Basically, you can divide the injury into two types:
  • If the injury is double-sided, the injury will most often be located in the back, where excessive curvature of the spine will usually be visible and / or back pain initiates when training begins or after training. The pain will most likely be related to strong hip stretches; e.g. in running, hence the name “Runner’s Back”.
  • If the injury is unilateral, the injury will be felt in the attachment area of ​​the groin and possibly in the bursae. It’s not strong enough to pull the back into a sway. The pain is most often provoked by heavy hip stretching and use; e.g. running, soccer and the like.